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Object Observer is dead.

Object Observer is dead....long live Object Observe. I am so pissed off that this got removed. However we live in the land of the polyfil. In this video I show you why OO is cool and argue my point.


AWS:Lamba. Up and running.

Lamba is paradigm crushing. You can now spawn a server just for the life of a short lived CPU heavy function. No more server provisioning guesswork. I'll show you how to get up and running.

To gulp or not to gulp

Most people have heard of Grunt, thanks to the people at Yeoman. However there is a new kid in town with a much cleaner API. I will show you some challenges with using Gulp and how to bend it.


CSS forms

This is a video I did back in the good old days. Mostly still relevant. It's a pretty popular video for some reason. I guess, like me, people don't like the look of the default HTML5 form validation stuff.

Bare bones express (Node.js)

If you have never used Node before and want to get up and running with a simple webserver, then this is the video for you. I try to do this in logical steps, to demystifyexpress and show you it's not just magic.

Timeouts part 2

If you are not familiar with timeouts then go and watch part one first. If you are a timeout wiz then hopeful this video (the later parts) will shine some light on the lower level detail.

Timeouts part 1

This is a video showing how to use timeouts and intervals. The more advanced stuff is in part two, but sometimes its is good to recap the basics before doing the fancy stuff.

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Rick on Hawaii TV

This is a video discussing various aspect of high level web development, and remote training from Waikiki. I get to talk about a lot of different subjects in this interview.

Dev Conf interview

This is me interviewing Ann before her HTML5 Dev conference. Where she discusses her vision for HTML5.