It may not come as much of a suprise to subscribers of my youtube channel that I like JavaScript.

I checked and apparatly you can't marry a language, even in Reno!


I consider myself a JavaScript purist, have my own code style, and don't jump on the xxx (inset favortite frameowrk here) just becusae everyone else does.

I love vanilla JavaScript icecream and have been know to add a touch a raspberry syrup (jQuery) occasionally.

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Number madness

So you're thinking of using JavaScript to do some math (or maths if you're British). If you are new to JavaScript you are in for a shock when it comes to working with numbers. 0.1 + 0.7 = 0.8 right? ...Nope!

Mapping Arrays

Mapping an array to another brand new array is probably THE most useful thing you can do with an array. Transforming mutable arrays is not without problems in JavaScript, keep them as constants and use generators if needs be.