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All my courses are designed for small private teams, delivered live and remote, and fully tailored to your training requirements and schedule.

Grassroots Node

When working with ECMAScript (wavy hands JavaScript) on the server, we need to understand the host environment, not just the language and the node streaming paradigms.

When working with ECMAScript (wavy hands JavaScript) on the server, we need to understand the host environment, not just the language and the node streaming paradigms.

In this course we start from scratch, and in my opinion this is best way to approach learning ECMAScript in an alien environment.

Some of the better JavaScript paradigms have come from Node (module pattern and streaming arrays), and some without doubt some of the worst too like very deeply nested callbacks.

I think any professional JavaScript worth their salt is comfortable with a few levels of callback nesting, so IMHO callback hell is a myth. You shouldn’t believe the “promises solution” hype either.

I had 7 levels of callback once and experienced it first hand, until I realized...oh I’m “approaching” this problem completely the wrong way, and started over and normalized the problem to 3 levels of callback using a custom array observer instead.

Blindly developing in node gets lands you in callback hell very easily, and promises ain't going to help you out of it. You need to learn the right approach for the problem, which is why we start from scratch and look at how “everything” moves in Node.

verified_user Training Goals

What will your team be able to do after the training?

As each class is customized for the team, each training outcome is different. However your team will:

  1. Be able to debug Node
  2. Be able to write structured and maintainable ECMAScript.
  3. Not be able to distinguish which person in the team wrote the code (that’s a good thing btw).

Some teams may be more interested in general best practices, fundamentals, and getting up and running. Others may already be using node and need to achieve a deep understanding of the capabilities, and are only interested in learning the more advanced subjects.

I can also help teams that have decided to adopt a particular framework (Express, Sails etc) and need a deeper understanding of how to use that framework within the node environment.

playlist_add_check Outline

Course contents

The course content (outline) is the secret sauce of good teaching.

Of course we need your team to be able to read the content page of a Node book and know all the subjects. That is 'a given' going on one of my courses.

I will focus on the coolest features of node, and only cover the very advanced subjects if your team require it.

In NODE there are many useless parts. Sub sections of the node that should never be used, because there are known better practices for doing the same things. Nope. node is awesome, nothing bad in it whatsoever.

All my courses are custom, with the topics listed below being a non exhaustive list of subjects I may or may not touch on at some point during the course.

If you have any specific topics you are interested in including in your course please email me.

Naturally if you don’t provide any suggestions you can be assured that the Grassroots Node class (uncustomized) will still be of great value to your team.

  • Assertion Testing
  • Buffer
  • C/C++ Addons
  • Child Processes
  • Cluster
  • Console
  • Crypto
  • Debugger
  • DNS
  • Domain
  • Events
  • File System
  • Globals
  • HTTP
  • Modules
  • Net
  • OS
  • Path
  • Process
  • Punycode
  • Query Strings
  • Readline
  • REPL
  • Smalloc
  • Stream
  • String Decoder
  • Timers
  • TTY
  • UDP/Datagram
  • URL
  • Utilities
  • VM
  • ZLIB

attach_money Getting a quote for your team

My quotation process is really simple

We simply set up a conference call between myself, you (presumably the training coordinator) and optionally your senior developer(s).

During this call we will get the opportunity to discuss your specific training requirements, and I will then be able to tailor the course to suit your needs and schedule.

Within 24 hours of our call, I will email you a fully customized quote.

To get the ball rolling, email me, and let me know when you are available for a conference call.